Writing reviews for backlinks

Many people are into writing reviews for backlinks these days, thanks to the trend started by John Chow. Here are some opportunities that may be of interest to you fellow bloggers:


http://shawn.ocia.net/ (also with top commentators list)

http://garryconn.com/ (see http://garryconn.com/who-wants-to-exchange-links-with-me.php ; also with top commentators, called “top contributors”; you may sponsor one of his Successful Blogging Tips posts by writing a post about his blog)

http://www.linkrain.com/articles/review-my-blog-to-win-a-50-cash-prize-and-get-a-pr4-backlink/ (review contest; more opps available on the Advertise page; displays top commentators)

http://www.successonline.in/ (see http://www.successonline.in/make-money-online-review-my-blog)

http://www.alltipsandtricks.com/ (has a rolling blogroll series – see http://www.alltipsandtricks.com/blog/2007/02/13/review-me-review-you-the-rolling-blogroll-has-launched/ ; top commenters available)

http://www.jonwaraas.com/ (see http://www.jonwaraas.com/review-my-blog-get-a-free-backlink-and-review/ ; also has top commentators; beware, his current blog header may look a bit embarrassing for the shy ones)

Please note that I cannot guarantee your favours will be returned by the owners of all those blogs. If you have any doubts, contact them all first.


4 Responses to “Writing reviews for backlinks”

  1. Simonne Says:

    Thank you for mentioning my site (All Tips and Tricks). If somebody reviews it, I give two links: one to the review page and one to the main page of the site. The Rolling Blogroll includes only sites that I see useful for my readers and they don’t have to review me in return. I also accept guest bloggers: should anybody be interested, you are welcome to contact me with your ideas.

    One more mention: I have removed the no-follow tag, so anybody who comments gets a valid link, not only the top commenters.

  2. And the Winner of the 50$ Contest is… | Linkrain Articles Says:

    […] people that linked to this contest without partecipating were: Karenzara, Shamoneymaker, […]

  3. Directory of Human Edited Links Says:

    Directory of Human Edited Links

    Portal-Web.biz – Directory of Human Edited Links – Free Submit in 48 hours

  4. tom delay Says:

    Shooting TFP now, let us help you build a port! Click here for our online application!

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