Increasing comments and links on this blog

A recent article on Vandelay Website Design Blog ended in the following question:

What factors have you found to increase comments and links on your own blog?

So I thought I might write a whole article as an answer.

The (much embarrassing) problem is that I rarely get any comments and/or backlinks. Not that I’m entitled to complaint. After all, this is a mix of personal bookmark and public link list, therefore there’s nothing here that my readers couldn’t find by other means. This isn’t a “breaking news” site, it’s only a humble “see-what-I-enjoy-reading” blog. And I don’t promote it very well. What’s worse, I haven’t been networking with fellow bloggers as often as I should.

Still, that’s the key point: networking is my way to go when I want some exposure. Basically, I try to leave relevant comments on other blogs, and it seems that from time to time their owners not only like my comments but also are kind enough as to pay this place a visit. They don’t usually post comments here though (with a few honourable exceptions), probably because they don’t feel there’s much to be commented on this blog.

On the other hand, when bloggers get trackbacks from me (and it happens all the time due to this blog’s nature), they are much more likely to stop by and express themselves over here. I assume it’s a nice way to thank me for the free links. And for this I thank them all too. :)

So far I’ve only talked about getting comments, but the question also dealt with links. How do I get them? Well, here backlinks are even rarer than comments. The very few ones I’ve gotten so far have come from bloggers that, for one reason or another,  decided to link to my posts instead of linking directly to the websites I recommended on each of them.

The honourable exception came exactly from Vandelay Design. Apparently the blog’s active commenters are rewarded by having one of their articles linked on a post, and I have been included in their lastest Weekly Links list. :))) Pity I have no merits at all to get my articles featured anywhere… Anyway, I’ll never forget that moment: being recommended is great! And if you ask me, being (very) nice to your readers is an obvious yet often overlooked way to have them coming back and even promoting your sites for free.


5 Responses to “Increasing comments and links on this blog”

  1. chrisbrogan Says:

    You’ve struck on the strategy I recommend the most. Comment on other people’s blogs, pique their interest, and that will likely drive some traffic. And then people might add your RSS feed, stay in touch, and build traffic.

    My second suggestion? Twitter. It’s been a traffic doubler for my blog. Just adding human experience and daily contact has made a world of difference.

    Great posts here. I’m glad I dropped by. : )

  2. Steven Snell Says:

    Thanks for the mention. My first thought is that you don’t give yourself enough credit. You write very well and I think you have plenty of valuable things to share with readers. As far as links go, have you tried blog carnivals ( They’re not the highest quality links, but you can get a few links quickly by submitting a few of your posts. It’s easy and it might get some people to your blog.

    Commenting on other blogs is a great strategy. I would also mention that it helps to focus on smaller blogs. A-list bloggers aren’t likely to have the time to visit your site and return the favor of a comment.

  3. Karen Zara Says:

    @Chris Brogan: Welcome to my blog and thank you for your kind comments! Thanks also for your suggestion. I still couldn’t figure out how to network by using Twitter, though. Anyway, if you take a look at your Twitter followers list, you’ll find me there. ;-)

    @Steven Snell: Thank you so much! *blushes* That kind of comment is really encouraging. As for blog carnivals, I’ll definitely give them a try. Maybe I should also try to join some group writing project… And yes, A-list bloggers are way too busy to pay attention to each and every comment they get. I’m ever willing to read and comment on little-known blogs.

  4. Alex R. Says:

    I’m promoting my site in the same manner. I really enjoy your writing style it flows fluid like through your article.

  5. Karen Zara Says:

    Thank you very much for your kind words, Alex! I’m glad to know that you enjoy my writing style. :)

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