Unsubscribing from 2 RSS feeds

Today I unsubscribed from 2 RSS feeds. If on one hand I won’t be able to track two very famous blogs anymore, on the other hand I’ll have some additional peace of mind.

I know my solitary act won’t make any difference to those people. But quite frankly, I just couldn’t go on supporting bloggers who care much more for their egos than for their peers and/or readers. Sometimes they even border that grey area between ethics and lack thereof. Not to mention the many times they show how envious of other people’s success and ideas they are.

From now on, I’ll be visiting their blogs from time to time to see if I find any helpful tips (for they are competent bloggers, I’ll never deny it). But I won’t subscribe to their feeds again. Neither will I click on their ads, nor will I purchase their products and services. I’ll give them exactly what they deserve: my selfishness.


8 Responses to “Unsubscribing from 2 RSS feeds”

  1. Michael from Pro Blog Design Says:

    Unsubscribing is often a good thing. It is too easy to just to let half-decent feeds build up until you are having to read a few hundreds articles every day, of which half are articles that you don’t really want to read. :(

    (And whoever the bloggers were, that will teach them to be selfish! ;) )

  2. Karen Zara Says:

    Michael, what a coincidence! I’ve just subscribed to your RSS feed and posted about two of your recent articles. Glad to see you around. :)

    I’m suffering from “feeds overload”, but those bloggers made my life a bit easier and helped me fight the problem. :P I’m keeping one eye on some other bloggers whose posts aren’t that good. It seems I’ll be unsubscribing from more feeds, although for different reasons.

  3. karpar Says:

    Lol, I can just about guess the two of them going by the date this was posted, but I assume you don’t want to make it an issue so I’m not venturing into their names!

    And yes, I agree with Michael, it is a good thing to unsubscribe from feeds you don’t want to read!

  4. karpar Says:

    I guess my wordpress.com account logged me in automatically, I’m Karthik.

  5. Karen Zara Says:

    Hi, Karthik! Thank you for visiting my blog. :)

    Yes, I’d rather not make it an issue. I’ve seen bad things happening to other bloggers just because they dared to criticise some A-list guys. I’d love to be able to say out loud that “(…) is an envious jerk!” and “beware of (…), you shouldn’t trust her!”, but I’m not.

    There seems to be a sort of “censorship” going on in certain circles of the blogosphere. You say some truths about this guy or that girl, and their fans stalk you, insult you and try to destroy your reputation. I just don’t want to go through all this. Some might call me a coward, and maybe I’m a coward indeed in this sense. But life is full of problems, and no one has the obligation to make them even worse.

    Wow, venting is good! ;-)

  6. Karthik Says:

    Lol, I hear you.

    And yes, I happen to know a particular incident that happened in recent times ;) I guess we do read a lot of blogs in common!

  7. Karen Zara Says:

    That must be the case indeed. :) I think I know the incident you’re talking about.

  8. chrisbrogan Says:

    Hi Karen- I really love that you’ve got lots of comments on your site. Shows that you have a healthy community of people around you. Very great to see.

    And unsubscribing is a good way to keep the conversation focused where you want it, while removing the extraneous.

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