What are your top posts?

After reading Karthik’s comments, I decided to compile a short list of WordPress plugins that let you display your top posts’ links on your blog’s sidebar.

Top Posts by Category Plugin – Actually lets you display non-categorised top posts as well.

Top 10 Posts With Widgets Support – The name says it all. Click here to find the original Top 10 Posts plugin.

Daily Top 10 Posts – Daily and cumulative post stats.

Rob Neville’s Firestats Popular Plugin – Displays your post stats as tracked by FireStats, and even comes with a sidebar widget.

Disclaimer: I haven’t contributed in any way to those plugins’ development, neither have I personally tested them. Therefore I take no responsibility over possible compatibility problems, lack of updates, bugs and the such.


5 Responses to “What are your top posts?”

  1. WarriorBlog Says:

    Thanks for the top post Karen, I really need to install something like this to get more page views.

    However, I have installed something familiar in the past with no success but I will try again :-)

  2. Karen Zara Says:

    Good luck! It amazes me that the Top Posts widget freely available to blogs hosted at WordPress.com isn’t included in the pack we download from WordPress.org. But the plugins I’ve mentioned in my post may be good replacements. If you actually put any of them to the test, please let me know about the results you get. Better yet, write about your experience on your own blog. ;-) (See? I’m trying to help a fellow blogger have new post ideas!)

  3. WarriorBlog Says:

    Thank Karen, I did check out that first plugin but I have tested it before with no luck. It doesn’t work with 2.3. There are some plugin right now that doesn’t work with WP2.3

    I guess I could just keep trying to post good content and hope they explore more :-)

    Take care,

  4. Rob Says:

    Thanks for the mention. As a tip to your readers, you will have to install the Firestats plugin first for my plugin to work – which is a good thing because I really like the Firestats stats plugin.

    I haven’t paid much attention to my own plugin lately as it’s been working fine for so long. If someone tries it with WP2.3 let me know. I still haven’t upgraded my site to WP2.3 so I don’t know if there are compatibility issues.

  5. Karen Zara Says:

    Hi, Rob! Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for posting this additional info. :)

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