Internet Annoyances Part 2 – MyBlogLog and screen resolutions

Today I wanted to write about another type of internet annoyance, but since I told you I’d write about MyBlogLog issues, I’ll stick to the original plan.

A few days ago I had to merge my MyBlogLog account to my Yahoo ID. That hasn’t been an issue in itself. What made me mad was the disappearance of my userpic. I know, I know, that was lame and ugly, but I liked it. Besides, if I wanted to change it, I would have taken the initiative before.

So, I had to upload it again. And so I did. Has the process been successful? Of course not. For some reason, the page would scroll automatically whenever I tried to click on the “crop” button, which was necessary to complete the whole process. Consequently, I was totally unable to click on it, no matter how hard (and fast) I tried. I then switched to Internet Explorer, hoping that it was “only a strange and temporary issue with my beloved Firefox.” No, it wasn’t.

In the end, I had to switch to… another computer! Although I’d still see that automatic (and weird, and useless) scrolling happening again, this time I managed to click on the “crop” button after uploading a pic. However, since I didn’t have a copy of my old usual avatar at hand, I had to choose another image from the hard disk. It’s not that I dislike that kaleidoscope (if that was the case, why would I have chosen it?). It simply wasn’t my avatar, you see? The old one, as ugly as it was, looked more “personal” to me.

In the end I realised that the problem about the scrolling page was due to my computer’s screen resolution. I still use 800×600, I like it, I’m glad with it and I won’t be changing it anytime soon. Of course higher screen resolutions have plenty of advantages, especially in these times when most web designers just don’t care for 800×600 users. But I think I’m entitled to choose my own resolution after all. Unluckily, someone at MyBlogLog seems to think differently.

Apart from this, I’ve also noticed a certain mess in the way my userpic is displayed. Sometimes I see my old avatar, other times I see the new one, and there are even times when MyBlogLog’s default userpic is showed. I don’t know what’s going on, but do you know what? I won’t waste any more time trying to solve this matter. It isn’t that important after all (though some people do give a great importance to avatars as a way to brand yourself across the internet).

The next post in the Internet Annoyances series will deal with bloggers that try to impose their opinions upon their readers and commentators. And in case you’re wondering, yes, this was the topic I wanted to write about today. I’m VERY annoyed at certain bloggers.


11 Responses to “Internet Annoyances Part 2 – MyBlogLog and screen resolutions”

  1. WarriorBlog Says:

    Hey Karen, lol, sorry to hear you had problem with that, I didn’t have too much problem :-)


    Don’t worry – I don’t hate your blog or any blogs because it have this theme. It was just my opinion, so no hard feeling :-)

    Take care Karen,

  2. Karen Zara Says:

    I’ve noticed that some other MyBlogLog users had their original avatars replaced by the default one, so I wasn’t the only victim. I’m glad that you haven’t been affected by the plague. :-P


    No problem, Sean. At first your post made me slightly disappointed because I couldn’t help but take it a bit personally. Anyway, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. :)

    Take care!

  3. Sean Says:

    I will write more carefully next time and view it from my readers point of view next time I publish a post Karen ;-)

    Feel better!

  4. Karen Zara Says:

    It’s all right, Sean. I do feel better now. ^__^

  5. Robbeh Says:

    Yahoo’s trying to catch up to Google one small step at a time. And it’s annoying me too!

    Sometimes, I use Flickr because I got a buddy on there who is a hobby-photographer, and as we all know, it’s great to have someone leave a comment at our works. But the worst thing about Flickr is that my Yahoo ID and my Flickr account ID are different. Long story short, I’ve had to run through that tedious Yahoo recovery form a few times in my life. :(

    And don’t worry Karen, I still care for 800×600 – although if you’re 640×480, then sideways scrolling can get tedious. ;)

  6. Karen Zara Says:

    I’ve heard a lot about that Flickr / Yahoo! issue. So many people complained about this… I’ve been luckier because I only joined Flickr after things had settled down.

    I’m glad to read your comment about 800×600. :) Yes, 640×480 makes things harder. I know some people in my country who still use that screen resolution, although it seems to be more common in shops. Maybe it’s a way shop owners found to discourage their employees to use their computers for personal purposes. :-P

  7. WizCoder Says:

    I have the same problem with my pic avatar as well, after uploading a few days then my new avatar start showing.

  8. John Lampard Says:

    Actually this is quite interesting. When I “merged” my MBL login with my Yahoo ID I also lost my original MBL avatar. So I created a new one, and all was well again. Just visiting your blog now though, I can see my original avatar, which I thought was long gone in your MBL widget! Strange!

  9. Karen Zara Says:

    @WizCoder: Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment! :) So, it seems I wasn’t the only one who had to deal with avatar problems…

    @John: Strange indeed, because I can see my old avatar on my own widget too. Maybe it’s a “magical MBL widget”, haha! :-P Now, seriously, perhaps I should update its code. But I haven’t been prompted to do it, so I don’t know if it’s really necessary.

  10. Idetrorce Says:

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  11. Karen Zara Says:

    Could you please elaborate more on that? Why exactly don’t you agree? Let us know.

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