How to miss a great opportunity

If you want to miss the opportunity to take part in a great group writing project, express your ideas and get some exposure for your blog, follow these easy steps:

1. Stop reading the feeds you’re subscribed to for some days (3 or 4 days will do).

2. Spend that time working relentlessly on your personal projects, connecting with other bloggers and finding new blogs to read and subscribe to (although you won’t be checking your feed reader out for some days, as said above).

3. When you finally take a break from your projects and try to catch up with your favourite blogs’ news, make sure you’re exhausted due to work overload. That will prevent you from taking immediate action if you find out that a new group writing project will be going on for a very limited time.

4. After taking some (more than needed) rest, realise that both of the computers you might use to write an article for that group writing project are being used by other people. Wait until one of them is free again. In the meanwhile, outline the article you plan to submit, think about all the nice details and pieces of info you could add to it and keep on waiting.

5. When one of those computers is finally free for your use, visit the blog that hosts the writing project. You’ll most likely find out that the final list of articles and comments has already been published. In other words: you’ve just missed a great opportunity. It wasn’t really your fault, if we take into consideration the aforementioned circumstances. But it doesn’t change the fact that you’re out.

Why am I writing all this? Because it was only yesterday that I found out about DoshDosh’s Group Survey on the Best Way to Make Money Online. I haven’t checked Google Reader out for a few days, nor had I visited DoshDosh during that short period, therefore I wasn’t aware of that event.

At the time I read Maki’s post I felt much more like a zombie than like a human being, owing to exhaustion (this has been a tough week for me, as I’ve worked really hard on various online projects of mine, not to mention my day job). That definitely wasn’t a good time to post a decent comment nor to write a relevant article. So I just went to bed and slept as much as I could.

A few hours ago I woke up, thinking about the article I wanted to submit and hoping that then final list hadn’t been published yet. When I was finally able to put my hands on a computer, I visited DoshDosh again, and this is what I saw there: 63 Constructive Opinions on the Best Way to Make Money Online. *sighs* Yeah… better luck to me next time (and hopefully a fairer deadline). :-P

By the way, you should really read that post. It contains a plethora of good advice. Among the contributors there are some great guys and girls, like Steven Snell from Vandelay Design , Sean from Warrior Blog, Simonne from All Tips and Tricks, Sucker from Internet Marketing Sucks! and Monika from The Writer’s Manifesto and Blogging Web 2.0.

UPDATE (07/10/2007, 16:48, -3 GMT) –> I’ve made it into the list, thus the modification in the anchor text above. What can I say? I’m happy, grateful and… *insert more positive feelings here* :-)

Additional note: I’ve been meeting some cool bloggers thanks to that group survey. One of them is Matt from Blogging Fingers. As for the previously mentioned bloggers, you are all welcome. I wouldn’t have highlighted any you if you didn’t deserve it. ;-)


14 Responses to “How to miss a great opportunity”

  1. Steven Snell Says:

    Sorry you missed it. Thanks for the link.

  2. Karen Zara Says:

    You’re welcome. :)

  3. Maki Says:

    Hey Karen,

    I was only getting a few comments in the last 24 hours so I thought everyone who wanted to join in had already done so.

    BTW.. you can still participate.. just email me your comment and I’ll put it in the list so everyone can check it out.

    Hope this helps! :)

  4. Karen Zara Says:

    Maki, thank you very much for giving me a second chance. This is so kind of yours! I’ll be sending you an email in a few minutes. :)


  5. Monika@ The Writers Manifesto Says:

    Hi Karen,

    Well done for getting onto Maki’s list. And thanks you for your nice words. You are certainly welcome to enter either or both my competitions on the blogs. I’m confident that you can come up with a really nice entry.

    It doesn’t have to be huge either. You write really well and have a lovely way to put things into the written word.

    Monika :-)

  6. Simonne Says:

    Hey Karen,

    It seems it was not too late for you after all. I’m looking forward to read your entry.

    Many thanks for the mention :)

  7. Matt Jones Says:

    Hey Karen, just thought you should know I love the simplicicity of this theme. Most blogs that use it are cruddy, but you have turned it into a pleasant peaceful blog to be on :)

  8. Sean Says:

    Geez Karen, I don’t know what to say *blush* I am gonna be writing a post titled “Give and You Shall Be Rewarded.” You are gonna be mentioned for sure.

    I really appreciate what you’ve done for me :-) You are very kind. Take good care, Sean.

  9. In Giving, You Are Really Receiving : Warrior Blog dot Net Says:

    […] How to Miss a Great Opportunity by Karen Zara […]

  10. nbakewell Says:

    Good read – those 63 ideas will take some time to read but i’m sure I will learn a lot from them. I wish I had checked DoshDosh out recently!

  11. Matt Jones Says:

    Thanks for the addition :)

  12. Karthik Says:

    Guess its my turn to post a similar one then! I missed out in a similar way, only that I was working out an entire post for it – and found out the final list had already been published and I resigned to keeping it on the backburner unlike you did, good for you!

    And its very nice of Maki to have accepted your entry!

  13. Karen Zara Says:

    @Monika: All right, Monika, you won: I’ll enter both. Thank you very much for your words on my writing style! *__*

    @Simonne: You’re welcome. :) I hope my entry hasn’t disappointed you. *embarrassed*

    @Matt: It’s the very first time someone makes a positive comment on this blog’s theme. Thanks a lot! As for the addition, you’re welcome. :)

    @Sean: Nah, I only give you what you deserve for being nice to me. ^_^

    @nbakewell: I myself am learning a lot from it (I haven’t read all of the tips yet). Keep on checking DoshDosh, it seems there are going to be more activities like that in the future. ;-)

    @Karthik: Yes, he was very, very nice to me. It’s a pity you haven’t had the time to submit your entry; I’m sure it would have been helpful. But why don’t you post it on your blog anyway? I’d love to read it, and I’m sure all of your readers would benefit from that post. :)

  14. Lacie Pawlusiak Says:

    Spot on with this write-up, I actually suppose this web site needs far more consideration. I’ll most likely be again to learn much more, thanks for that info.

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