Design tips as examples of well-written articles

Let me tell you one basic fact about me: when it comes to web design, I’m a complete moron. I certainly know the difference between a horrible design and an acceptable one. But I wouldn’t be able to develop the latter myself. I’m afraid I wouldn’t even manage to do the former one. So, I was delighted to find an amazing design tip series on The Go MediaZine. It’s called “Seven Easy Principles to Becoming a Master Designer,” and so far there are 3 articles available (1st, 2nd and 3rd).

All of the posts are exceptionally well-written. If an amateur like me could fully understand those lessons, anyone can. Therefore, they are must-reads for all bloggers who want to learn how to write good content that is:

a) useful;

b) easy to understand;

c) appealing even to readers that don’t necessarily fit one’s target-audience.

You’ll also see:

1. how images can be wisely used in a post;

2. how to write proper examples when you want to explain a concept to your readers.

View it as a double task: go learn (or remember) some design basics and get inspiration from some truly good articles.


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