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Blog contests

September 24, 2007

Here is a great list of blogs about blog contests.

Funny fact: although there are 23 resources on the list, for some reason the permalink reads only 21. :P


Writing prompts for bloggers

September 22, 2007

– You can use Google to get inspiration for your posts.

– You may also use one of these 100 blog topics and/or any of these 101 great posting ideas.

– And always remember: Copyblogger is your friend.

I had to write about it too

September 19, 2007

Everyone seems to be writing about BlogRush, right? Yeah, you saw that coming: here’s my very own entry on the subject.

Since this blog is primarily a link collection, I’ll stick to its spirit and refrain from ranting about this buzz. Instead I’ll direct you to my favourite blog posts about it.

For me it all started when I read Maki’s post on BlogRush. Since DoshDosh is one my favourite blogs — if not THE fave one –, it’s only natural that I found about BlogRush by reading it. My next step was to take a look at Problogger. As I expected, at that time it featured not only one, but two posts dealing with the subject, the latter being the most interesting one (to me, at least).

Later on I read about Problogger’s BlogRush stats and this made me curious about other blogs’ results. So I visited Smart Wealthy Rich, only to find yet another BlogRush-related post. A nice one, by the way . Then I visited Marketing Pilgrim for the first time, and guess what?  It contained several articles on BlogRush, this one being the most relevant in my opinion, for it (involuntarily) reinforced what I’ve read on Problogger.

A few hours ago Darren posted a new article encouraging people to cool down and give BlogRush (and other newcomers) a chance before criticising it as harshly as many have been doing. Actually, what makes the post a good read are the comments left by Problogger’s readers. One of them led me to one more good article about BlogRush; that one however takes a more cynical approach on the subject.

As I forgot to check John Chow‘s blog out to see if he has written anything about this new buzz, that’s all for the moment.

About the About page

September 17, 2007

As this blog attracts more visitors, the interest in my “About” page seems to increase accordingly. A few hours ago it was among my top posts.

I’m totally incompetent when it comes to writing profiles, bios and the such. The “About” page contained on this blog is the best I’ve ever written for any website. Now wonder how has the worst one been like? :-P

I’d rather not having written it. I’m very shy and also very cautious when I need to release any sort of personal info on the web. The only reason why I keep a profile up is the fact that most respectable blogging related sites have published at least one article stating the importance of having a bio available to your readers. So, there you have it.

I even took the time for a tiny update. As a matter of fact, I’ve only corrected my age, for I turned one year older last week. I’ve also considered adding links to my other blogs, but in the end I gave up.

DoFollow Search Engine

September 14, 2007

Jerry’s Search Engine is specialised in dofollow / no-nofollow / ifollow blogs. And you can add your own blogs too (as long as they are part of the DoFollow movement, of course).

Curiously, I’ve been the one who discovered this site for StumbleUpon (my first SU discovery ever!). I’m amazed that the webmaster has failed to stumble his own search engine. It’s a very good idea, and will certainly be of interest to many stumblers.

Getting blog readers on MySpace

September 2, 2007

How to Build a Large Blog Audience on MySpace is a 10-part series containing tons of info and suggestions to help you drive more traffic to your pages.

Getting trackbacks

June 23, 2007

Despite being on for several months, I still didn’t know that the trackbacks gotten by this blog would be displayed in my Recent Comments list. (I know this may have sounded a bit stupid, but what can I do?)

So far I’ve gotten a pingback (which led me to a quite interesting blog) and given myself an involuntary “autotrackback”.

List of paid blogging services

June 23, 2007

I’ve been looking for such a list for weeks. Here it is:

Credits — and thanks! — go to Anna, from Bloggers For Dollars.

Comments may be valuable content indeed

June 21, 2007

This entry on Darren Rowse’s gave me enough evidence of the importance of comments as a way to add more valuable content to a blog.

The post’s purpose was to teach uncommon market techniques for blogs. However I found it highly deceptive, as I’ve read those tips one million times before on hundreds of websites, blogs, newsletters, forums, e-books etc. In the end what made the article truly worthy wasn’t the text itself, but the comments that followed. Some people described their own experiences, others mentioned interesting sites, and so on.

One might say that Problogger’s readers are of a “higher level”, hence the quality of the comments. I can’t totally agree. Everyone can attract smart readers that do have something relevant to say. The key point is to write stuff that will entice them to express their opinions.

By the way, it seems I’ve been failing miserably on that, since this blog rarely sees any new comment. But the ones I’ve gotten so far were quite relevant, especially those added to Rudeness and Writing reviews for backlinks.

Best posts page and SEO tips

June 20, 2007

Three great articles I’ve just read:

How a Best Posts Page Will Increase Your Blog Subscribers – it really made me buy the idea. Now I just need to apply it to this blog.

Predictive SEO – a simple yet fantastic idea.

Reverse mad libs SEO – this concept is quite obvious; I’m sure many of us have been trying it, though ignoring its name.