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Design tips as examples of well-written articles

October 19, 2007

Let me tell you one basic fact about me: when it comes to web design, I’m a complete moron. I certainly know the difference between a horrible design and an acceptable one. But I wouldn’t be able to develop the latter myself. I’m afraid I wouldn’t even manage to do the former one. So, I was delighted to find an amazing design tip series on The Go MediaZine. It’s called “Seven Easy Principles to Becoming a Master Designer,” and so far there are 3 articles available (1st, 2nd and 3rd).

All of the posts are exceptionally well-written. If an amateur like me could fully understand those lessons, anyone can. Therefore, they are must-reads for all bloggers who want to learn how to write good content that is:

a) useful;

b) easy to understand;

c) appealing even to readers that don’t necessarily fit one’s target-audience.

You’ll also see:

1. how images can be wisely used in a post;

2. how to write proper examples when you want to explain a concept to your readers.

View it as a double task: go learn (or remember) some design basics and get inspiration from some truly good articles.

A modified sidebar

September 29, 2007

As you may have noticed (or not), I’ve changed some things on my sidebar. I’ve moved the “Subscribe to my RSS feed” message to the top, added the “Top Clicks” list, removed the “Recent Posts” widget and also said goodbye to the Archives list, which’s been replaced by a full page.

Why have I done all this?


Dozens of web design tools

August 26, 2007

I’d seen this post yesterday on Mashable, but to be honest I didn’t give it much importance. Today, while searching for another article on their site, I found this list again and decided to have a look at it… just to realise that I should have bookmarked it immediately. Well, better late than never, so there you have it: 50+ web design tools.

Converting HTML designs into WordPress themes

August 24, 2007

ThemePress is a paid service that lets you convert a HTML/CSS based webdesign into a WordPress theme. Seems to be pretty interesting. Has anyone out there ever tried it? If so, please tell me your thoughts on it.

GPL WordPress Themes

July 3, 2007

If you’re looking for some good GPL WordPress themes, you’ll find five of them on this blog post.

Must-read CSS tips

July 1, 2007

I’m about to redesign three of my websites. I also want to learn more about CSS. Therefore I got extremely pleased (and felt truly lucky) when I put my eyes on this article featuring 53 CSS techniques. From the amount of comments and trackbacks it got I assume I’ve been one of the last bloggers to find it out, but nevermind. :-P

This tutorial is much shorter and doesn’t contain any explanatory images. Yet it may come in handy, especially if you find that list above too overwhelming. More CSS tips can be found on Trenton Moss’ site.

About the new header colours

May 28, 2007

Ok, I said I wouldn’t change this blog’s layout, but… I’ve changed my mind. After rereading my post about being tired of HTML and the such, an idea occurred to me: “What if I┬ámodified only the header’s colours? I know this is possible and easy to do, so… why not?”

Yeah, this is not what you’d call a “brilliant” or “original” idea, but this was all I could come up with. *grins*

Anyway, I think I’ll be playing with that colour scheme from time to time, just to make things here a bit funnier.

Tired of this HTML thing

April 28, 2007

There was a time when I’d gladly spend hours playing with HTML, CSS and the such. I found it entertaining. Nowadays I find it tiring, to say the least. This is why this blog’s design is so… hmmm… lame.

In the event that I move to a paid web host, I will most likely hire someone to do the hard design work for me. But for the time being, this layout will stay just as it is. I’m happy with it anyway. I know thousands of other WordPress users have blogs which look exactly like this one, but I’m not so worried about that. I’m a writer, and writing is what matters to me.