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PageRank Checking Tool

November 6, 2007

After the latest Google PageRank update, this blog’s main page went down from 2 to 0. On the other hand, several internal pages now have a decent PageRank. Not that I really care about it, as you can see here. But in case you care, and/or if you’re curious, go to, type in the desired homepage’s URL, and get a long list of internal pages accompanied by their respective PR.


Possible PageRank update

June 20, 2007

Does anyone know whether there’s been a recent PageRank update or not? The reason why I ask it is that I’ve just visited one of my blogs, which used to be PR1… and now all I see is that entirely grey bar. How disappointing!

 On second thought… who cares? I’m not selling ad space on that blog anyway. I’d better post as usual and hope that I’ll be rewarded in the future.

Paid web directories

June 18, 2007

Today I started a research on link buying strategies. I’d like to know whether buying links is really safe and worth it or not, especially when it comes to paid inclusion in web directories. How probable is a penalisation from search engines like Google? How much traffic can you actually get? Would paid links really help you increase your site’s PageRank?  

Unlike other similar blog posts, I don’t have any answers to those questions, since I couldn’t come to any conclusions yet. All I can offer you for the moment is a short list of related links:

Is buying links still worth it? – a thread from Digital Point forums. Most views are favourable to link buying.

How much is a link worth? – from Search Engine Journal. Opinions from several sources.

Top 20 paid directories – a thread from V7N forums. Useful if you’re already willing to purchase links.

AllShort Web Directory  – seems to be a good directory, with strong PR on many pages. But I can’t make any guarantees as I haven’t tried it myself.

If you’d like to express your opinions on this subject, please do it by all means. I’m highly interested in learning everything I can. Meanwhile, I’ll go on with my research, and I’ll probably post more about it in the future.

Blog post on PageRank

June 14, 2007

Speaking of PageRank…

This is a must-read article. It’s extensive and contains lots of details on the subject.

Forum post on PageRank

June 14, 2007

If you’re looking for some nice inputs on PageRank, read the following Digital Point Forums thread: