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A group writing project on StumbleUpon, YouTube and MySpace

January 21, 2008

I’d like to invite all my readers to participate in my StumbleUpon, YouTube and MySpace Group Writing Project. It is part of Vivien’s Social Media Mega Project.

There are several good bloggers involved in it, each of them hosting a part of this huge project. I encourage you to click on any of the previous links to learn more.

Keep on reading a1-fan-fun in the days to come, for I’m going to publish more social media related stuff there. Also make sure to read Abaminds this week, because I’m going to post an interview with a very nice blogger who incidentally is a social media user too. ;)


Get a Free Backlink from Blogging Bits

October 20, 2007

What a great opportunity! Read about Mohsin’s offer and take advantage of it by all means. Unless you’re a spammer, in which case your links won’t be welcome, of course.

(I ended up using the same post title as Mohsin. That wasn’t intentional though.)

Blogging Bit‘s offer is the kind of activity that might be adapted to most blog types. If you’re looking for some promotion and additional interaction with your audience, this is definitely something worth a try.

Promote your Blog Action Day posts

October 15, 2007

If you are taking part in Blog Action Day, you may like to know that there’s a place where your related stories can gain more visibility. I’m talking about Care2, a wonderful green/social action site.

The most obvious way to promote a specific blog post over there is by submitting it to Care2 News Network. It’s just like Digg, but as you must have guessed, it’s specialised in environment, science, green lifestyle and charities. Absolutely do not submit unrelated stories.

Did you know that on Care2 you’ll find a plethora of groups about just any topic you can think of? That’s a great way to meet like-minded fellows, exchange views and… yes, maybe plug your stuff, if you’re cautious and wise enough.

If you really are into social networking, go to the People section and see how many great things you can find there: new friends, photos, blogs… Yes, you can have your own Care2 blog. What’s more: you can easily share your posts, lists, recipes and even create some informal newsletters (known as network messages).

On the People section you will find dozens of tags that indicate what Care2 members are interested in. They could be a great source of inspiration for new posts. You may also gather inspiration by reading the articles available on Green Living, and by checking the petitions listed on the site. I’m sure you’ll end up signing some (or many) of them, because you’ll certainly find causes that you’ll be happy to support.

Oh, do you want to support even more causes? Click here. And then click more. ;-)

I hope you have realised that Care2 is a site meant for people who care for other people, for the environment, for the world. That should be obvious enough. But unfortunately there must be many marketers out there who see this whole Blog Action Day thing as yet another way to show how much they care… for themselves, for money, for success, for fame.

There’s nothing intrinsically wrong in trying to promote your blog on sites like Care2 — as long as it’s related to this kind of niche, of course. The site itself gives you plenty of promotional opportunities. Moreover, if I found it unethical, I wouldn’t have written this post.

All I ask is that you use some common sense. If you’re really not interested in human rights, if you think that global warming is a lie, and if all things green bore you to no end, then just look for another venue to promote your stuff. It’s simple like that.

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day

I had to write about it too

September 19, 2007

Everyone seems to be writing about BlogRush, right? Yeah, you saw that coming: here’s my very own entry on the subject.

Since this blog is primarily a link collection, I’ll stick to its spirit and refrain from ranting about this buzz. Instead I’ll direct you to my favourite blog posts about it.

For me it all started when I read Maki’s post on BlogRush. Since DoshDosh is one my favourite blogs — if not THE fave one –, it’s only natural that I found about BlogRush by reading it. My next step was to take a look at Problogger. As I expected, at that time it featured not only one, but two posts dealing with the subject, the latter being the most interesting one (to me, at least).

Later on I read about Problogger’s BlogRush stats and this made me curious about other blogs’ results. So I visited Smart Wealthy Rich, only to find yet another BlogRush-related post. A nice one, by the way . Then I visited Marketing Pilgrim for the first time, and guess what?  It contained several articles on BlogRush, this one being the most relevant in my opinion, for it (involuntarily) reinforced what I’ve read on Problogger.

A few hours ago Darren posted a new article encouraging people to cool down and give BlogRush (and other newcomers) a chance before criticising it as harshly as many have been doing. Actually, what makes the post a good read are the comments left by Problogger’s readers. One of them led me to one more good article about BlogRush; that one however takes a more cynical approach on the subject.

As I forgot to check John Chow‘s blog out to see if he has written anything about this new buzz, that’s all for the moment.

Visual web directory

June 28, 2007

Since I became more active in the webmaster/blogger world, I’ve seen a plethora of web directories being announced. Sometimes it’s hard to detect any meaningful differences among them. However, today I stumbled upon, and I truly liked what I saw. Not only because of the nice concept and layout (with cards instead of ordinary descriptions), but also because this was a rare case of directory where I’ve actually found many links of my interest.

If you want to advertise your site(s) there, it’ll cost you nothing. Payment is optional, as stated on this page.

Blog traffic exchanges

June 24, 2007

Today I searched for blog traffic exchanges. Here’s what I found out:

Blog Traffic Exchange Rankings – an old blog post. May still be of interest, for it’s quite informative.

BlogMad – You can join their system (1:1 ratio) or browse their directory.

How to Use Blog Traffic Exchanges to Make Money with Affiliate Programs  – Detailed guide by Maki.

Two articles on video marketing

June 19, 2007

Online Video Marketing: Ten Ways You Can Use YouTube To Promote Your Online Content, by Michael Pick, is a complete how-to article on video marketing at YouTube. An absolute must-read.

15 ways to promote your video online, by Chris Tew, is another helpful article. By the way, Web TV Wire contains a whole internet video marketing category. And they are hiring writers.